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Our Belts

The Mackenzie Decorative Belt is different from any other belt you have ever worn. First of all, the belt is interchangeable. You may use the buckle of your choice and have any number of different straps. This allows you to change your belt color or style depending on color, season, or mood. In addition, each 1 inch and 1.5 inch belt is reversible! One side offers a pattern, while the other side is a custom made laser cut satin in a solid color. This allows each side of the belt to be used, so it's like having two belts for the price of one. The ends are carried on the inside, allowing a clean line. Each strap is generously sized, and you can easily make the size adjustment using the slider on the back of the buckle. You will find these belts to be not only beautiful, but as the Scottish say, "an excellent value for the money," as you only need one buckle (although you might like to have more!), and each strap is like getting two belts for the price of one!!

Mackenzie Decorative Belts, etc. also offers this additional belt option. The 1 inch and 1.5 inch wide D-Ring closures belts are available in all of the Tartan/Celtic and Designer choices. Each D-Ring belt, while not reversible, is lined with our signature custom made laser cut satin ribbon. This option offers a more casual belt at a lesser price. We are sure you will want to have more than one.