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The Mascots


Hello, please let me introduce myself to you. My name is Luceo and I am 6 years old. Aren't I handsome! My racing name was Copper, but Mom renamed me after the Mackenzie Clan Motto, Luceo non Uro, which translated means shine not burn. And boy, do I ever shine! Ever since Mom and Dad adopted me, I think I run the world. I have to say though, both Mom and Dad had to set me straight a few times, but this is part of my learning process. I settled right in to life at home, you know, my own sofa, rides to all sorts of interesting events, gourmet meals served from elevated dishes, tons of fancy collars. I tell you, life sure is good! My Mom calls me the ideal man: you know, tall, handsome, sensitive, fair, and really well dressed (dark green being my signature color). It must be true because I get lots of attention from the ladies when I am out and about. I of course love all the attention. My Dad walks me most of the time, as I must say I am very strong and have not quite learned leash etiquette. Like, I see another dog and I bolt over to it, dragging my Dad. Mom says I am the only one who can actually get my Dad up on a plane. I have to say though; my behavior is quite a bit better, mainly because I watched Freesia. I don’t think she liked me much, even though I tried to be charming. That's OK; a ladies man such as myself never has to worry about lack of attention. Even though I have learned all sorts of stuff, one thing that I have not allowed is my mom to cut my nails. She tried to cut my nails but I put up such a temper tantrum she stopped. What a victory! Then Mom and Dad brought me to the doggie doctor and asked him to do it. Well, no way! I put up major stink until the doctor quit. Mom said she had another solution, which I have yet to see. Just between us, if she thinks my behavior is funky over my nails, just wait until she has to give me a pill. I’ll tell you when it happens. Well, I’m off to meet some new people, bye for now!

Cool the Beloved

Cool (the Beloved, 6/1992 - 12/2005)
It has taken a very long time before we could write about our best friend, soul mate, beloved companion and confidant. Cool was a once in a lifetime spiritual creature that entered our lives, touched our souls and made us better, more enriched people. He touched hundreds of people with his gentle nature, loving, intelligent personality and wonderful sense of fun. We miss him every minute of every day and we will remember and cherish him until the day we too enter the next stage of the cycle of life. We know you were not a dog, you were always a god to us.

Dear Cool,
Now flowers grow above your ashes and the never-ending cycle of life continues, but not before your stay on this Earth made it a better place. You turned your soul over to us and we held you and will never let go. We imagine you running like the wind and looking down on us with love as we look up to you with all our love. Rest well our beloved.


Freesia, our happy, whimsical, ever optimistic, blithe spirit (7/1994-2/2007).

I will never forget her last day. Riding to the vet's, the February sky darkened and it started to snow. It was a blinding snow squall while we were with the vet, and the sky was so dark it looked like night. We stayed with her for a long time, not ready to say goodbye, but we knew we had set her free from her broken body. As we left the vet's office, through our veil of tears we noticed the sky had cleared to the most brilliant cloudless azure blue. The bright sun shown off the newly fallen snow and made it sparkle like diamonds. The sight was dazzling. It was as if the heavens had opened just for her. She brightened the heavens just as she brightened our lives.

Dear Freesia:

The queen of our lives, you made us laugh and taught us never take life too seriously. Freesias grow above your ashes and bloom white and bright just like you. Rest well our dear one.